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Tue 9/2/14 12:42:37pm MDT
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FTP Upload Status

The following table shows the file timestamp of all of the files uploaded to via FTP. The purpose of this information is to provide a single administrative page to help identify failed file uploads.

The current data and time is: 09/02/14 12:42:37 MDT

Uploaded FileUpload FrequencyLast UploadTime Since Upload
VWS_stickertags.htm2 Minutes09/02/14 12:46:02 MDT-205 sec
wxdata.txt2 Minutes09/02/14 12:46:02 MDT-205 sec
wflash.txt<1 Minute09/02/14 12:46:22 MDT-224 sec
wflash2.txt1 Minute09/02/14 12:46:02 MDT-204 sec
wxcam_sm.jpg5 minutes09/02/14 12:40:01 MDT2.6 min
wxcam.jpg1 minutes07/24/14 19:11:02 MDT39.7 days
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